MollyROCK (Radical Open Conversation and Kindness)

Missing: Lamar Putnam, 79. Last seen in Cleburne, County, Alabama on January 16, 2016. He was wearing an orange and white checked shirt, khaki pants, and a black hat. He is 5’8” and 170 lbs. If you have ANY information, please call 911 immediately and tell them that a Mattie’s Call has been issued for his return.

My entire life, I’ve had to explain that even though I technically only had 2 siblings officially, that I really had a dozen or so more. Growing up, if I couldn’t find my parents, I knew had 4 more sets of parents to call for anything from a skinned knee to bailing me out of jail. (Well, maybe only a couple I would have called for that.) When Molly died, the stories of my “friend family” suddenly clicked with many of my friends. They were in awe of the support and love that…

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